I sometimes contact with some of my readers, but there are three people who have been passed away while they waited my next work. This reader became the third one. There would be four people, if I added my grandfather. I have a memory of each of them, and it brings me regret. With the regret as a writer who was not able to finish writing before the limit.

The regret is the one of the things that will be remained within the person’s lifetime. Last year, the feeling of regret has been stayed inside me for a long time rather than the loss. Still, the church and Jesus surely released me from this regret. I think this experience has been applied to the work this time, and I was able to finish my work. (Many other experiences are being put to use) I have been strengthened inside more than the last year, and I must live for the next encounter.

thank you, Requiescat in Pace

Chris Kyogetu